Sperm whales are regularly seen around Madeira on dolphin and whale watching tours.

Sperm Whale

Physeter macrocephalus

Sperm whales are a transient cetacean species seen on Madeira dolphin and whale watching tours. While they can be seen with some frequency all year they are more common during the fall months. Sperm whales live in groups of females and juvenile males with unique cultures, dialects, traditions and habits – just like human beings in our families. Adult males usually live solitary lives and migrate long distances. Individual Sperm whales can be identified with a good photo of their tail which helps scientists track their migration as they move around the Macaronesian peninsula.

Information on the Sperm whales that visit Madeira throughout the season.

Species Information

The best months to see Sperm whales in Madeira is during the fall.
  • Length: males 15 meters and females 12 meters

  • Weight: males up to 40,000 kg and females up to 12,000 kg

  • Lifespan: up to 60 years

  • Diet: mostly deep water squid, sharks, skates, and fish

Data on Sperm whale sightings during dolphin and whale watching tours from Funchal on the island of Madeira.

Sperm Whale Sightings

Seeing a Sperm whale raise their tail to dive is one of the great moments we see on our tours. We are all always amazed by their size, grace and abilities. The Sperm whales we see around Madeira usually make feeding dives of 20+ minutes and spend several minutes on the surface when we can see their great exhalations as they prepare for another dive into the inky depths of the ocean.

Sperm Whale Sightings Data