Join Magic Dolphin on fun and thrilling boat tours to see the dolphins and whales of Madeira.

Magic Dolphin Staff

Meet our dedicated crew of professionals

Magic Dolphin is a family owned and operated company specializing in dolphin and whale watching tours on the island of Madeira. Our staff of are an integral part of our extended family and work hard to ensure everyone a fun, informational and world class experience. We are an international group while many of our staff are also from Madeira with family and community connections. Our commitment to you is to offer the premier Madeira dolphin and whale watching experiences that supports a healthy ocean environment, respectful encounters, informational tours and sustainability.

Utku is the office manager and head of guest relations at Magic Dolphin.
Utku • Manager
Danny is main staff member handling guest relations at Magic Dolphin.
Danny • Sales
Captain Declan at the helm of the Magic Dolphin Eco catamaran.
Declan • Captain
Captain Francisco on the Magic Dolphin Eco Cat.
Francisco • Captain
Guillermo is a captain on the Sea Safari adventure tours.
Guilherme • Captain
Braulio is a captain, crew and whale spotter at Magic Dolphin.
Braulio • Captain
Clara is a marine biologist, guide and works in the Magic Dolphin sales center.
Clara • Guide
Fabio is the main host on the Magic Dolphin Eco catamaran tours.
Fabio • Crew
Leonardo is a sailor, crew and host aboard the Magic Dolphin Eco catamaran.
Leonardo • Crew
Fabio is one of the crew on the Magic Dolphin Eco catamaran.
Fabio • Crew