Spotted dolphins are an abundant species seen during the summer months in Madeira.

Spotted Dolphin

Stenella frontalis

Atlantic Spotted dolphins are a common transient species during the summer months in Madeira. They are the most commonly encountered species on Madeira whale watching tours between March and November. We typically see pods of 10-30 dolphins and they are known to associate with other species of dolphins. They feed during the day, so we keep a lookout for birds feeding at the ocean surface and often the Spotted dolphins are feeding as well.

Information about the Atlantic Spotted dolphins that we see on Madeira whale watching tours.

Species Information

Information on the Atlantic Spotted dolphins that are seasonally abundant around the island of Madeira.
  • Length: Length: 1.8 to 2.2 meters

  • Weight: up to 140 kg

  • Lifespan: their lifespan is unknown

  • Diet: small fish, invertebrates, and cephalopods (squid and octopus)

Sightings data of the Spotted dolphins seen on Madeira whale watching tours.


Atlantic Spotted dolphins are one of our favorite species to encounter on tours. They are a very energetic species that often seeks out our boats to the amazement of our guests. You can often see them leaping at the sides of the boat, racing to get in front and ride the bow wave. During the summer months they are the most common species seen on our dolphin and whale watching tours. The are a migratory species but they are seen most months around the island of Madeira when it is common to see them with young baby dolphins.

Spotted Dolphin Sightings Data