Join Magic Dolphin on fun and thrilling boat tours to see the dolphins and whales of Madeira.

Sightings Guarantee

What is our Guarantee?

Magic Dolphin is dedicated to offering the premier dolphin and whale watching tours in Madeira and as part of the service we extend to our guests we include our Sightings Guarantee. We literally go the extra mile(s) to ensure all of our guests the best possible experience on every one of our tours. But we are not in control of nature and no matter how great our sightings typically are, the dolphins and whales may not be in the area. However rare, if there are no sightings on one of our group tours, guests are invited on another tour for just €10 per person.

Whale Spotters Ensure the Most Sightings

Guaranteed whale sightings in Madeira with Magic Dolphin tours.

What do we do to guarantee sightings?

Our approach to dolphin and whale watching in Madeira is part of the great sightings success rate we have as a company. So what do we do to ensure the most cetacean sightings on our tours?

  • We use spotters on land with powerful binoculars that find the animals and send the boat right to them
  • We have spotters on board the Eco catamaran on the upper deck using binoculars to find the cetaceans as well
  • Our Captains have relationships with fishermen and other sailors that share sightings in real time during our tours
  • Our boats are fast and maneuverable allowing us to cover more distance and see more marine wildlife
  • Finally, if all of that does not work, we invite guests back for just €10 to ensure the best possible sightings