Join Magic Dolphin on fun and thrilling boat tours to see the dolphins and whales of Madeira.


Stewards of Madeira’s Ocean Legacy

Magic Dolphin is a family owned and operated dolphin and whale watching tours company founded in 2011 on the island of Madeira. As we have slowly expanded our operations and now welcome more guests than ever before, we have not lost focus of our mission. In fact our mission is more important today than ever. The worlds oceans and its inhabitants are under more stress than in the past. We have seen these changes even here, in our remote island marine paradise. Our mission continue to focuses our efforts to continually improve our operations, to ensure a non-invasive approach to our tours and to help researchers understand the challenges and solutions to protecting the ocean environment for all species.

Mission • To be the premier dolphin and whale watching company in Madeira while supporting ocean conservation.
Vision statement of Magic Dolphin.


Inspiring guests with transformative experiences

Magic Dolphin has a clear vision of the power of restorative thinking. Our vision reflects this image. We wish to see biologically diverse oceans full of balanced marine wildlife that allow our island to restore its healthy biome.

Vision • To see oceans restored to vibrant, balanced ecosystems with rich marine wildlife populations.
Goals of Magic Dolphin as a company dedicated to ocean conservation.


Our goals can simply be summarized as limiting the affects we have on the environment while actively participating in improving the biome in Madeira. For more specific goals we have looked to the guidance of the United Nations that have created the sustainable goals program to restore health, balance and biodiversity to our planet while inspiring positive change. In particular we are focusing on:

  • #3 Good Health & Well-being – spending time in nature has been proven to relax people and inspire creativity especially in young people
  • #7 Affordable & Clean Energy – we invested in a hybrid-electric powered catamaran to ensure clean energy in our operations
  • #10 Reduced Inequalities – we are an equal opportunity work space, with women and men fulfilling all roles in our operations
  • #13 Climate Action – by ensuring we have hybrid-electric and the latest clean burning engines we reduce our carbon footprint. We also participate in the planting of trees with the goal of becoming a carbon neutral company
  • #14 Life Below Water – we educate and inspire our guests to a greater understanding of the fragile beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants
The UN sustainable goals program to restore health, balance and biodiversity while inspiring positive change.