The Common Minke whale is a small baleen whale that is not common to see in Madeira.

Minke Whale

Balaenoptera acutorostrata

The Common Minke whale is the smallest of the baleen whales and is infrequently seen around the islands of Madeira. For many years they were considered too small to be hunted by commercial whaling fleets. But with the IUCN ban on commercially hunting whales several countries started hunting Minke whales and they are now considered in threat of extinction by the IUCN.

The Minke whale is a rarely seen baleen whale species around the island of Madeira.

Species Information

The Common Minke whale is a rare sight on our dolphin and whale watching tours from Funchal.
  • Length: up to 9 meters

  • Weight: approximately 5,000 kg

  • Lifespan: 50 years or more

  • Diet: pelagic crustaceans, small and larger fish