False Killer whales are seen a few times per season on Madeira whale watching tours.

False Killer Whale

Pseudorca crassidens

False Killer whales are an infrequently observed species around the islands of Madeira. The appearance is unpredictable but more common during the spring and fall seasons. They are usually seen in groups of 7-12 individuals. These groups are believed to be family groups that share dialects, traditions and cooperative feeding. They are known to associate with other species of cetaceans, especially Bottlenose dolphins. But they are also know for attacking smaller species of dolphins and larger whales.

False Killer whales are an oceanic species of dolphin that is infrequently seen on Madeira dolphin and whale watching tours.

Species Information

The False Killer whale is an oceanic species seen irregularly around the island of Madeira.
  • Length: up to 6 meters

  • Weight: over 3,000 kg

  • Lifespan: over 60 years

  • Diet: mostly larger fish and squid