The Blue whale is a rare visitor to the oceans around the island of Madeira.

Blue Whale

Balaenoptera musculus

Blue whales are a rare species to see around the islands of Madeira. They are the largest whale and the biggest animal ever to life on the planet. When we do encounter them it is during the spring when the Atlantic population of Blue whales is known to be migrating north. During the winter their population of 1-3,000 whales transits south towards warmer seas for mating and calving. We typically observe them on the northern migration heading towards cooler oceans and their feeding grounds.

Blue whales are a rarely encountered species on our dolphin and whale watching tours from Funchal.

Species Information

Blue whales are rarely seen on our Madeira dolphin and whale watching tours.
  • Length: approximately 28 meters

  • Weight: as much as 130,000 kg

  • Lifespan: up to 90 years

  • Diet: mostly krill, small fish and copepods

Sightings of Blue whales on Madeira boat tours.


Blue whales are rare to see in almost any part of the world. But when we do see them here in Madeira it is usually in March and there is no mistaking them for another species. Their light colored skin glows from the suns rays while underwater. The enormous spout is also a good indication that it is a Blue whale! We typically see them transiting, not foraging when we do see Blue whales in Madeira.